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asian items in michiganIntroduce Yourself – My name is Iolanda, I am Italian, but life brought my family and me to live in two different countries in Asia before moving to US. I had the chance to travel to many places and the best thing that ever happened to me is to have had the opportunity to come in contact with so many cultures and people who truly enriched my existence!

I moved to Michigan in the summer of 2017 with my husband and my beautiful 3 kids.  I love spending time with my family, travelling and discovering new places and, as Italian -of course-, enjoying delicious food.

Introduce Your Business – When I first traveled to Cambodia, Laos and Bali, I fell in love with these marvelous countries that were able to enchant me with their rich nature and warm, happy people.
I immediately knew I had to do something to light attention on the beauty these countries possess, in order to empower women and artisans and allow them to carry on their knowledge and traditions, to make them shine in the whole world.

My dream is to point a light to the beautiful richness of the handicrafts of local artisans and to find people who truly understand and appreciate the uniqueness of their elaborate scarves, woven on looms from raw and fine silk, the beauty of their peculiar jewels made with natural seeds, the meticulous care of the embroideries or the unique colorful batik.

Why Sabaidee?  Sabaidee is the fresh, joyful, welcoming greeting Lao people say with a big smile to whomever they meet along their path. I was so delighted by this welcoming atmosphere when I visited Laos that I decided to make it mine, and use this word as the name of my virtual shop, where I welcome everyone, because it perfectly describes the essence of my own experience.
You can find silk scarves and dresses, leather bags, silver earrings, silver and mother of pearl pendants and rings, bead works, seeds and silk jewelry, atta bags and more items…everything handmade by artisans from Asia.

michigan marketsWhat Do You Love About Being A Small Business Owner – I love to have direct contact with the customers and to have the chance to tell the stories behind the objects I sell.

What Else Would You Like Us To Know – Each product you find at Sabaidee is personally chosen and bought by myself during my trips in Asia directly from the artisans who made them.

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About The Chic & Unique Market

About The Chic & Unique Market

How It All Started

The Chic And Unique market was started in the early part of 2017 by the husband and wife duo of Justin & Danyel. They have been running markets and events since 2014 under their company GLP Events. They were looking for a market that focused on vintage finds and repurposed items. That is when the idea of the Chic & Unique Market was born. Having worked closely with Brownstown Twp in the past, this was the perfect place for the first market and the place to call home. The markets are currently held in Browntown Twp and Shelby Twp, Michigan.

Chic & Unique Market

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